Aaron’s Landscape: Get Low

This week, I returned to the sunflower field to explore fall in Michigan. There are a lot of crops in Michigan that get left in the fields to allow the seeds or whatever to dry out. This is true of corn and soybeans.  I didn’t know that they would do this with sunflowers, but it makes sense, since the famers want the seeds, which naturally dry out as the plant dies. So, these crops don’t get picked until October or November. They look pretty disturbing, with an entire field of plants left to die. Here are some shots.


This one fits with the theme of getting low.  I took a bunch of these types of shots, but don’t really like many of them, since there is too much of a contrast between the sky and the sunflower in terms of lighting.  I guess if I was smart, I would use a fill flash.  I never even thought of that. I guess one of the reasons to do this is to learn, right?



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