Aaron’s Artistic: Pattern

Last week was the Ann Arbor Art Fair(s).  This is a pretty crazy and chaotic time to be a resident of Ann Arbor, but we tend to go down once a year or every other year to look around. It was interesting this year to look at the photography booths and see what people are selling. There were a couple of very cool landscape people.  Once guy was particularly my taste, with very symmetric images and very very crisp photography.  Basically what I aspire to be.  I probably need some more patience and willingness to spend a lot of time with a tripod.

There was another photographer who also was very cool – they did pictures of flowers against black backgrounds.  They were all super detailed and symmetric and really pretty.  I also aspire to be like this artist.  Once again, patience.  Part of the problem is really finding the perfect flower and posing it in the perfect way. Lighting is also a challenge.

So, this week, I grabbed a bunch of flowers from outside and took some pictures against a black background. The top image is the one with the nicest pattern in it.  I was hoping to get a front-on view of this, but the coolness of the pattern actually is not great head-on. It really is better from the side. This image sort of reminds me of the old Sony commercial with the person sitting in the chair and the music blowing everything backwards.  It is actually best of you blow it up REALLY big.


The second flower image is actually my favorite from the week, but doesn’t have as much pattern to it.  I just love the lighting. Once again, this should be, at a minimum, full screen.  I displayed this on a 32″ monitor and it looked really, really nice.



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