Aaron’s Landscape: Waterscape

It is sort of funny that Waterscape is a special week, when it feels like almost every landscape picture that I take has some water in it.  I love images of water.  I would really like to do some more long exposure pictures of water, but I need some filters (or patience) to do it. Anyways, I went out to Kensington Metropark last night about an hour before sunset.  I wanted to get some images of an island in the water, but the lake is a bit too small to give a good perspective of and island by itself.  I need a much larger body of water for that. But, I think that I got some pretty ok shots.  I guess, you can be the judge of that! Here are two shots of the same island, but different perspectives.

This first one is a classic that I just love – a dock going out into the water.  Here there is an island in the (near) distance, which I like.


The clouds started to break about 30 minutes later, and the sun was mostly set.  This shot is from about perpendicular to the other, just walking down the shore a bit.  I love the waves in the water and the interesting reflections of the sunset on the water.  Truly different feel!




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