Aaron’s Artistic: Blue (Not Really)

I have been wanting to take this picture for about a year now.  Well, not 100% this picture, but one just like it.  Actually, in the field next to this.  That field is about 2-3 times bigger and typically has more bales of hay.  But, I drove by this one two nights ago and decided that I should take advantage of it.  The problem is that they cut the hay, let it sit for a couple of days, then bale it.  Those bales sometimes sit for only a day or two and then disappear.  So, you have to notice that they have cut the field down and baled it, but have not yet taken it away.  That is difficult, since I don’t always take the same route to work, travel a lot, and have a generally insane life. So, when I drove by this field on Monday, I went back right after dinner.

When I first got there, the clouds were covering the sun and it was sort of a boring picture, but then the clouds parted and I got a bunch of golden colors and some really nice shadowing. I really like this picture.

This week was supposed to be artistic (not landscape) and blue.  So, pretend that the main focus is supposed to be the patches of blue sky. Don’t notice the rest of the picture.



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