Aaron’s Portrait: Movement

This last week, I was in Germany at a Orbital Debris conference (yes, those exist), so I thought that I would have a hard time getting a portrait.  But, luckily, I got to visit my wife’s sister and her family, including my nephew Gavin, who is a little bit of a ham. The first day I was visiting, I got the opportunity to watch a riveting game of T-ball. It was actually very fun to watch, since the kids were just unbelievably cute and confused about what is supposed to be going on. The second day, we went to the March for Science and spent a few hours in the Natural History Museum in Frankfurt.

This first image is the clear winner for the weekend, but I had to include at least one from the T-ball game.  I have a bunch of other super-cute pictures on my smugmug page.


This next picture is not Gavin, but one of his teammates. Seriously, look at the smugmug page. There are some really, really, cute pictures there.IMG_2252


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