Aaron’s Artistic: Metal

I think that I spent too much time on this one. I went out a couple of times, with the first time getting a couple of good pictures, and the second time getting a lot of very interesting pictures, but not really spectacular. The nice thing about this challenge is that I knew right away that I wanted to focus on rust, since it would allow me to actually have some color.

I watched the side of the roads as I drove around this week, but didn’t really see anything that was too interesting, but I have a scientific instrument sitting out at Peach Mountain, where there are a lot of rusting antenna dishes and other cool things.  I went out to the gate a few days ago and took a bunch of pictures of the gate.  One is below.

Today I went out and took a bunch of pictures of different things today.  You can see them all on my smugmug page (here!).  I really like these pictures, so I definitely recommend checking them out.  I include one of the pictures that I took today below.

Gate with a chain:



Door that won’t ever open again:IMG_2137


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