Aaron’s Landscape: A Reflection and a Cityscape

Lee said that I can be pretty liberal with my interpretation of the rules of these challenges. This week I am stretching it a lot. The challenge is supposed to be “Landscape: Reflection”, but I am doing more of a Landscape and a Reflection. Here is why:

Last night I went out to a photography meetup group, where we talked about how to take long exposure shots. I happened to arrive early, because I am in such a rush to every possible thing that I didn’t read the time right and got there about 30 minutes early. Better than 30 minutes late, right?  So, I wondered around Belle Isle taking some pictures. There was a pond that was half frozen with a lot of seagulls standing on the ice. I took a huge number of pictures of these birds, and the reflection picture below is probably the best picture that I took of them.

Then everyone arrived and we talked about long exposures.  It turns out that I didn’t have the correct type of filter (I though an NF8 was an 8-stop neutral density filter, but it turns out that it is a 3-stop filter. This makes sense because of math. 2^3 = 8. Duh. So, an 8-stop filter is NF256. Color me ill informed.) So, I took a crap-ton of sunset pictures with my NF8 filter.  These came out ok. But, after a while, the instructor asked me how I was doing and I told him that I didn’t have the right filter, and he loaned me his 10-stop filter (NF1024!). I took an 8-minute exposed picture, which turned out to be over exposed. So, I took a 2-minute exposed picture, and the result is below. I didn’t do much to it in photoshop. I guess I am impressed! I took a few more, but the light was fading fast and I think that I caught the peak at just the right time. (I should mention that it was freezing cold, literally.) I like the ice in the foreground, and the lights on all of the builds with the background sunset colors. Overall, I would say it is pretty ok. Just to show that you don’t need really expensive stuff to take nice pictures, the sunset image was with my broken $99 F-2 50mm plastic Canon lens.  I love this lens.

A reflection. I really like the colors and the single bird.
Detroit after sunset from Belle Isle. One of my first long exposure images!

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