Aaron’s Artistic Shadow

I was having a bunch of trouble with inspiration about this challenge, since in Michigan at this time of year you often don’t get great sunlight to take good shadow pictures. But today the sun came out and provided some good opportunities. I went to UM and took a bunch of pictures near my work, but most of them didn’t turn out that great (one is below). After getting home, we went on a walk with our neighbor and all of the dogs through Stitchfield Woods, which is near Pinckney.  It is pretty heavily wooded, so in the beginning I didn’t see many great shadow opportunities, but eventually we got to some places where the trees thinned out a bit and I started shooting.  I took a bunch of shots and will upload a few to my smugmug page.  But, here is my favorite of the day.


The most unusual was from early in the day, was of some bike lock racks:



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