Aaron’s Candy Landscape

This week was a bit strange.  I used to be very much into macro photography, but sort of just stopped. When we got the assignment of candy, I thought about doing something macro with it, but dismissed it. I am not really sure why, but I just thought I should do something more.  I then hit on the idea of redoing my picture from last week using candy. I envisioned a candy forest with a path an a bridge.  I planned on what I would get for the trees (straight candy canes of different flavors), the path (chocolate bar), and the bridge (I was going to do licorice, but decided on big tootsie rolls). A friend suggested using nerds for the ground cover (boy does it take a lot of candy to cover the ground!), and I ended up with nerds, skittles, and lemon heads. Isaac suggested actually making a stream and using fish candies in the stream, so I went with that – I found some long stringy blue candy for the river. Isaac also suggested the sweet tarts for the rocks lining the stream.

Here is my favorite shot:


I took about 80 pictures from different angles and different lighting conditions.  Some problems were viewing geometry and lighting (aren’t these always the problem?).  It was hard to get “into the scene”.  I tried lots of shots from above, but those really didn’t work out very well at all.  The candy canes are only a certain height, so if you go too far up, you seen the tops.  If you go too far down, you see off the scene in the back. For lighting, I tried to do some sunset types of pictures, but then you got a lot of reflections of light off the bridge and a bunch of hard shadows, which I didn’t really like.  I ended up putting some cloth bags over the lights to try to diffuse things a bit and get rid of the shadows as much as possible.  Isaac suggested the back should be darker than the front, so I tried to do that, and I think that it worked.

I will probably put more shots on my smugmug photography site.


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