Aaron’s Black and White Landscape

Yesterday I had to take a break from robotics because of the 30 teenagers in one room talking to each other and playing music and video games on their phones. The sonic environment was toxic. I therefore left and went downtown Ann Arbor to try to get a good cityscape picture from the top of a couple of different parking garages.

It turns out that the different views from the top of parking garages are not really that great.  I only went to two of them, since it was really cold.  I dress appropriately, but I had to constantly take my gloves off to do camera stuff, which got my hands very cold. Anyways, I didn’t really get any great shots of cityscapes.  Maybe when it is warmer and I have more time, I will explore more parking garages.  We have about 400 of them in Ann Arbor.

After robotics, I went for a run at Hudson Mills (it had actually warmed up a bit).  I first walked for a while with my camera and took some pictures.  Here is the best one.


I very much think of scenes as having different components.  In this scene, there are trees, a bridge, and a leading path. Trifecta. I often find that I don’t like scenes with less than three things in it. Four is even better.  For example, the best pictures that you can take (in my own opinion) have trees, mountains, water, and fog.  You don’t get many of those in Michigan! I guess, for us, you thrown in a bridge instead of a mountain and you get a good picture. Just to keep count, this is my fifth picture, and the second one that has a bridge in it. Hmmm.  Something to think about.


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