Lee’s Portrait

The assignment from The List was to do a “headshot”. I have done a couple of headshots for work and I am not at all comfortable with the process. Too much to pay attention to: lights, angle, hair, collar, jewelry, etc. I am lucky to get a well exposed shot with a semi-decent expression. I don’t have any of the set up at home; there is a studio at work, but I have declared my lack of desire to take pictures at work. So I went the portrait route, which is a different beast (to me, anyway, and there is some of argument about the difference). I think the intent of a portrait is show not just what the subject looks like, but to tell something about who s/he is (which might just an excuse for not doing a traditional headshot!)

Anyway. I used my trusty Mamiya C330 and Kodak T-Max 400 medium format film. I took the pictures (which include the black & white landscape which I will post later this week) and developed the film on Saturday and scanned the negative on Sunday. Fast turn around! This one is cropped and I played around with the brightness and contrast, as well as cleaning off dust and cat hairs which invariably attach to the negative and scanner bed.



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