Aaron’s Portraits

None of my family really would like to get their portraits taken, so I went outside of the family.  I made a bargain with some of the College of Engineering Honors students that if I take a picture of them, then they can use the picture however they want if I can post it here.  I got 11 students that volunteered.  This was a learning experience for me, since I am not that great with portraits.  It is also awkward, since I don’t really know how to pose them and I don’t have an infinite amount of time with them to play with different poses and experimenting with different lighting conditions.

For a backdrop I got a few sheets, of which I only used one.  I had a large black cloth, which I also used.  Finally, there was a large white wall in the room.  I don’t have great lights for this, so most of them are simply lit with my flash pointed at the ceiling with a diffuser. Some have side lighting, which is very subtle. The white wall was very harsh and was not great for more artistic pictures – it was probably ok for head shots online, but I am not including any of those here.

Here are my top three pictures of individuals for the first part of the day.  I have a bunch of pictures of people together, which I will post another day, and I have a few people that I have not processed yet.  Anyways, here you go.  From top to bottom, they are Enis (I really like the black background and how is face and shirt contrast the black), Abbhi (who is great (and I am not just saying that because he will probably read this), and I really like his smile and the overall feel of the picture), and finally Wil (this is actually my favorite non-funny headshot of the day.  I really like how his body is turned, but he is still looking into the camera. His eyes really draw you in.)



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