Aaron’s Landscape

While I love the state of Michigan for many reasons, including the vast numbers of trees, it is very difficult to find really nice vistas to take landscape pictures.  Let’s be honest. In lower Michigan we have 3 things: trees, lakes, and (corn, soybean, etc) fields. Further, in January and February, we have a pretty oppressive sky. Let’s just say that it is all gray, all the time. Stunning landscapes, this does not make. I like landscapes with long views and majestic skies, with bold colors everywhere. (That being said, this picture is one of my favorites, since I also like solitary items that are partially obscured by fog or snowstorms.)

This week, I knew that the odds were against majestic and bold colors. I therefore may have bent the rules on what might be considered a traditional landscape.  This is a picture of a land bridge on Ford Lake, with a real bridge at the center.  I didn’t talk to Lee about how much we are able to bend the rules at all, but my feeling is that this project is supposed to enable our obsession. Further, I actually formulated the idea of where to take pictures (Ford Lake), and went pretty far out of my way to do this.  Which, in my opinion, is really the point. (I am sure that Lee won’t be mad, but I feel like I have to justify these types of things because bending the rules is ALWAYS the type of thing that I do…)


This is taken from almost on I-94. I used a tripod. I adjusted the exposure, whites, and blacks a bit, as well as turning it to black and white. I adjusted the contrast up a tiny bit to make it pop more. I didn’t really need to, but I did both smoothing and sharpening (someone on youtube recommending this for just about every picture, so I have been trying it). It is pretty amazing that you can zoom in to 200% and it still looks really good.


2 thoughts on “Aaron’s Landscape

  1. This is a great landscape, you retained the full reflection despite it distancing us from the bridge. It’s honest. (IMHO)
    I used to sharpen everything in Aperture, then I got reading glasses. Then Aperture phased out. Now that I use iPhoto I find its sharpening tool useless (sorry Apple, I still love you), even with my glasses. I miss a good sharpener but can’t seem to invest the money and time into Photoshop.


    1. Thanks! I found a deal on the Adobe photo suite, so I got Lightroom and Photoshop for $9/month. Over the long haul, it is expensive, but singe Photoshop is like $650, it is a bargain for the first few years. Also, I pretty much ONLY use the Lightroom features in Photoshop. You can do a LOT of good stuff there. And the cost of Lightroom flat out is like $120. A lot, but I use the features in every single picture I take (if only to change them from RAW to JPEG). To be honest, I got hooked on this because I got it for free from work. If I didn’t get it for free for a number of years, I probably would be using something like Picasa. Now I totally see the value in it.


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