Aaron’s Self Portrait(s)

This week is self portraits. It is our first week, and I have already compromised myself. I tried to come up with all sorts of cool ways of doing a self portrait (and there is still time!), but it is really cold outside, and I totally don’t want to try to do some long exposure things outside.  Especially, when it is a self portrait and you have to constantly check the camera and reset up and check the camera and reset up and … So, I lamed-out and took the easy route.  Although it took about an hour or so to get these two images. I experimented around a fair bit – I tried to get a macro image of my eye, but macro is really hard when you can’t actually focus yourself.  Ugh. Anyways. The tortured artist.

Welcome to the first week.  This is going to be a bumpy ride. Flight attendants should stay seated.

In the first image, there is almost no editing in photoshop except for the white balance. I have to say that I love the strong shadows and asymmetry in portraits. Mood is the dude.


In the second image, I did a little paint brushing to dim the upper corners where there are whitish columns. And clearly turned it to black and white. That is about it.


That is about it. See you next week!


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